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Level III Wax / Lash & Brow Specialist

Crista is our wax, lash and brow specialist! She has worked in waxing for 10 years, with 7 of those years in Erie at a corporate beauty salon. She left there to join Bei Capelli a year and a half ago finding it to be an incredibly rewarding decision with a more personalized experience for each of her guests. She is thrilled to join this incredible team, that prioritizes client satisfaction, teamwork and balance of a work-home lifestyle.


Crista has acquired a unique attention to detail. She focuses on giving a tailored look and experience, whether it is a small shift in shape or a complete transformation! She focuses her services according to one’s personality and lifestyle. Crista is committed to expanding and refining her skill set and is continuously inspired by clients and fellow artists alike. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her kids.


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